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The Art of Dunhuang (HD)

  • Type: Documentary
  • Time: 10 episodes × 45 minutes
  • Set: 10 episodes
  • Director: Zhou Bing

Dunhuang is another masterpiece made by CCTV following the "Forbidden City". It aims to record the developments in the historical and cultural contexts of the Dunhuang region and reveal the in-depth culture of Dunhuang in the past 2000 years. It focuses on Dunhuang and people who have lived here. It will uncover the history and bring to life forgotten civilizations for the audiences. The production team seek to make a documentary which reflects the history and culture of Dunhuang at an all-round dimension. It records comprehensively the magnificent historical process of the Dunhuang area in the past 2100 years or so and touching stories involved in it. It reveals to the audiences the overall research findings made in the past 100 years by reseachers of Dunhuang, which is considered as a real treasure trove in the desert.