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The Summer Palace (HD)

  • Type: Documentary
  • Time: 6 episodes × 45 minutes
  • Set: 6 episodes
  • Director: Jin Mingzhe

The Summer Palace was formerly known as the Qingyi Garden during Emperor Qianlong's reign. When Empress Cixi had it rebuilt, it was named the Summer Palace. It used to be a royal garden and a palace of the Qing Dynasty. All the best of ancient imperial gardens throughout China's imperial history were collected and all the spirits of the private Chinese gardens were pieced together here. Here at the Summer Palace, man-made landscapes are integrated in harmony with nature. It is a masterpiece design among China’s landscape gardens .

As the largest and most perfectly kept royal garden in China, the Summer Palace was among the first to be listed as national key cultural units under state protection. In 1998, the Summer Palace was listed into World Heritage List by UNESCO. It reflects a profound accumulation of several thousand years’ history, culture and garden art. It is widely noted for its unique cultural values.
This program records the entire process of the overhaul to the Summer Palace. It will be fully restored to the original condition during the reign of Emperor Guangxu.