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Stage of Youth(HD)

  • Type: Drama
  • Time: 12 episodes × 47 minutes
  • Set: 12 episodes
  • Writers: Shen Jie
  • Director: Yu Chun
  • Actor: Joey Yung(Hong Kong China) ,Huang Yi ,Kenny Kwan

Xia Lei is a sunny boy who loves dancing very much. However, his father, a former top-ranking professional archer, wants Xia Lei to follow in his footsteps. Xia is hesitant between dance and archery. After lots of self-challenges and consecutive efforts, he finally realizes that dance is his real pursuit and he bravely marches towards his dream. Tian Mo, who grows up together with Xia Lei, is a master in archery. It is her dream to represent China in the Olympic Games. However, challenges form South Korean archers make her realize her own shortcomings. With Xia Lei and other friends’ encouragement, Tian Mo conquers herself. She also builds true friendship with Korean archers. Her friendship with Xia Lei is also changing slowly. Young friends share their hopes as well as sweat. In this TV drama, youthful vigor is written all over the face of each character.