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Great Porcelain Merchant(HD)

  • Type: Drama
  • Time: 36 episodes ×47 minutes
  • Set: 36 episodes
  • Writers: Lu Jianzhong & Xiong Cheng
  • Director: Wu Ziniu
  • Actor: Xia Yu , Yi Nengjing(Taiwan China) , Liu Dekai(Taiwan China) , Ning Jing , Zhao Wenxuan(Taiwan China)

The world knows China from porcelain. This drama is telling a story of China’s porcelain: the culture in the porcelain, the people’s life in the porcelain, the modern industry of the porcelain.
In the 1910’s, the last emperor asked the porcelain craftsman in Jiangxi Jing De Zhen to make a special porcelain Giant Dragon Vat for royal use. The master of the official porcelain workshop Zhao Fusheng was committed to fire the Giant Dragon, but failed. The master of the civilian porcelain workshop Tao Shengren, who was an honest and frank person, determined to take this mission, with the help of his son Tao Changnan. Unfortunately, Shengren failed as well, and had to suicide. To save Tao’s family, Tao Changnan took over the workshop and a legend story of porcelain is unveiling……