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Qin Empire(HD)

  • Type: Drama
  • Time: 51 episodes × 50 minutes
  • Set: 51 episodes
  • Writers: Sun Haohun
  • Director: Huang Jianzhong & Yan Yi
  • Actor: Hou Yong , Gao Yuanyuan , Wang Zhifei , Lu Yong

It was a time that all ambitious forces struggling for power and a fighting world that mountains and rivers change in transcience. It was a time of divided nations that heroes came out generation by generation and different scholar genres expressed their opinions unrestrictedly; the vast western frontier of China experienced a persistent split which has never ever had in its history. It was the age-old Qin tribe that got renascence from the birth pangs of this fission. They enhanced the forwarding stride of time by pieces of dirges permeating with interwoven blood and tears, entangled love and hatred. Finally, it unified the whole country, along with other six tribes in central plane, witnessed the real headstream of Chinese civilization.