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The Queens(HD)

  • Type: Drama
  • Time: 33 episodes × 47 minutes
  • Set: 33 episodes
  • Writers: Chen Qiaoying(Hongkong China)
  • Director: Huang Jianzhong
  • Actor: Yuan Li , Victor Huang(Taiwan China) , Sang Yehong , Sun Xi

The Queens takes place from 72 B.C. to 7 B.C. during the West Han Dynasty. It depicts a group of imperial concubines fighting for the throne under the reign of a supreme, male imperial authority.
Zhengjun, a merciful and intelligent girl, becomes empress out of the goodness of her heart. Fuyao, an aggressive and resourceful girl, underwent endless hardships from youth and is willing to sacrifice her ethics in order to achieve her goals. In front of favor and lordliness, both love for husband and son are used as tools and weapons.
Zhengjun's son became the King. Fuyao made the King indulged in famous belle Zhao Feiyan sisters, and nobbled chancellors. She successfully elevated her grandson Liu Xin to the throne. However, she had to leave capital by Zhengjun’s secret planning.