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The Fairyland of China(HD)

  • Type: Documentary
  • Time: 50 episodes ×3 minutes
  • Set: 50 episodes

The Fairyland of China will show you the beauty of China. Now, let’s go to the most beautiful places in China and enjoy the picturesque scenery. It will take you visit the most beautiful places and enjoy the subtlety of the nature, such as the mysterious Nanjiabawa, the misty Emei Mountain, the fairyland Zhangjiajie, the mighty Himalaya Mountain, the picturesque forests in Changbaishan Mountain, the unique Taklamakan Desert, the colorful Flame Mountain, the sunset at Jiayuguan, the roaring Yangtze River and the Yellow River…It will lead you to discover what the Chinese people treasure most and tell you untold stories and legends, including the most beautiful ancient towns, the most beautiful grottos, the most beautiful ancient palaces and the most beautiful modern cities.