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Family of Tea Trading(HD)

  • Type: Drama
  • Time: 50 episodes ×45 minutes
  • Set: 50 episodes
  • Writers: Ji Yu
  • Director: Zhang Peigen
  • Actor: Zhang Lei,Ng Man Tat(Hong Kong China),Liu Jun,Zhang Jingjing

Family of Tea Trading is a story of Late Qing and Early Republic when the politics and society change so much. The merchants of Anhui represented by Wang, Xu and Bao Family seek for domestic development, fought for the commercial right with aggressive expansion of foreign capitalism and even devoted their life. It was a tough experience of trade and business of Hongtai Bank of Wang family’s. The film is the legend of the key figure Cheng Tiansong, he began his career as an apprentice in a bank and experienced the tribulation and frustration in the business, but finally he became a great financier with his exceptional intelligence, will power, courage and insight.
The film reflects the tough experience of the young China national industry and carries forward the Huizhou merchant’s cultural deposit of “good faith stands the world”, “difference of Taoist and Warlock”, sings the praise for the spirit of self-sacrifice and persistence for the family, nation and overall national interest.
Fighting of good and evil, emotional conflict, the entanglement is stirring. Story about the heroic and moving spiritual process of China’s merchant’s constant striving for restoring the family business.
Tales about the China’s merchant’s fighting against the foreigner for equal commercial rights.