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Making another outstanding achievement in the Asia TV Forum in Singapore

2013-02-17 09:11


From December,5th to 7th, 2012, China International TV Corporation/ China Radio, Film & Television Programs Exchanging Center has organized a group to attend the Asia TV Forum (ATF) held in Singapore, consulting with more than 40 film and television organizations from over 20 countries and regions to promote actively Chinese premium quality programs and to deepen the negotiation about international cooperative projects, which has enabled us to acquire great achievements in sales. The first is that the set contract-singing goal has been achieved; the second is that home-made excellent TV series including King’s War, The Orphan of Chao, Female Prime Minister, For the Sake of Beauty and documentaries like China’s Mega Project, china have attracted wide attention; the third is that cooperative and co-shooting projects have been discussed with MediaCrop in depth and re-shooting projects of overseas hit shows have also been negotiated with several media organizations from South Korea and Taiwan; the fourth is that we have attended the dialogue activity between China and Singapore held by the Media Development Bureau of Singapore and have delivered a keynote speech named ‘Opportunities and Challenges—the Co-Shooting and Distributing Market of China TV Series and Documentaries’,which has won warm applause from participants.