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Making an outstanding achievement in Africa TV Festival

2013-02-06 15:07



From Oct, 31st to Nov,6th,2012, China International TV Corporation/ China Radio, Film & Television Programs Exchanging Center has organized a group to attend the 7th Africa TV Festival—DISCOP AFRICA in Johannesburg in South Africa. During the festival, the company has held talks with more than 50 customers from 15 countries and regions including South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Sudan, Cannes, Senegal, Tanzania, Zambia, Mauritius, Ankara, Congo, Benin, the Great Britain and France, making a research into the development situation of television industry of African countries, and exchanging ideas widely with visiting customers about the issues of program making and broadcasting as well as policies of importing and co-producing. Besides, 27 programs with English subtitles and dubbing promoted by the company including King’s War, Sun Zi, The Glamorous Imperial Concubine, Go! Sister Go! A Bite of China, China’s Mega Project and The BRICS have been approved by African customers, bringing a complete success to the exhibition-participation.