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China’s Mega Project 、china have won popularity overseas

2013-02-06 14:24



At the just-concluded 2012 MIPCOM in France,  China International TV Corporation /China Radio, Film & Television Programs Exchanging Center has promoted actively documentaries made by China Central Television(CCTV) Documentary Channel like China’s Mega Project and china, etc, which has evoked warm responses under the whole-depressed circumstances of the European and American market. Among these applauders, TVB from Hong Kong and Laser Company in Asia, MEM Company in Middle East, as well as many media from Germany, France and Italy in Europe have showed factual contract-signing and cooperation intent. Many media from North America, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea are actively engaging in assessing them and a number of media overseas will broadcast them shortly. This is an important extension in overseas marketing of grand original programs made by CCTV Documentary Channel. The company will try its best to make other grand programs the Documentary Channel are producing in succession broadcasted comprehensively in media overseas, endeavoring to expand the international influence of Chinese documentaries.