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Great Success in ABU MediaHub

2012-09-03 09:20

        From May 27thto 31th, 2012, China International Television Corporation (CITVC) / China Radio, Film & Television Programs Exchanging Center (CHNPEC), together with CCTV press center and CCTV-NEWS, participated in Asia Media Summit 2012 held in Thailand and attended the MediaHub to actively promote excellent Chinese film/TV programs. Among others, the contract of The Glamorous Imperial Concubinewas signed on scene with Thailand, documentaryA bite of China and TV play King’s War have attracted wide attention. Apart from that, sales intention has also been reached with Fiji Broadcasting Corporation in terms of Bruce Lee and Laughing in the wind, diversified business discussions have been held with exhibitors from Japan, France, Malaysia, Philippines, etc. During the exhibition, marketing personnel paid visit to many Thailand media, such as Modernnine TV, Thai Central Chinese Television (TCCTV) and Chin Sheng Film Company, to expand their knowledge in Thailand’s media constitution and market scale and establish a more intimate relationship with Thailand’s broadcasting industry.