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CCTV makes its debut on 2012 MIPTV

2012-04-23 09:03

       China International TV Corporation (CITVC) / China Radio, Film & Television Programs Exchange Center (CHNPEC) took part in the 49th MIPTV in Cannes lasting from March 30th to April 5th, 2012, with delegates from CCTV editor-in-chief office, the news center and the documentary channel. The delegation made its debut on MIPDOC and engaged itself in the promoting and marketing activities with a variety of new ideas and initiatives for oversea publicity. Chinese culture was in the spotlight everywhere on this festival.
       Many exhibition participants from other countries attracted less attention in this year’s festival as a result of the complicated international economic environment and the stagnant European economy. CITVC/CHNPEC actively improved its operating ideas by applying integrated publicity strategies to its marketing activities, and extended its program marketing to the level of channel, model and brand marketing, which not only effectively enhanced the image of CCTV in Europe and at a global scale, but also boosted its program sales as well as the brand value. The positive results of this debut can be concluded as follows:
       Firstly, CITVC/CHNPEC has successfully organized a number of significant activities, such as the promoting conference for the documentary channel and the conference for Chinese and oversea producers. Channel marketing activities, such as outdoor advertising, journal advertising, distributing a special issue on Focus on China and holding high end dinners, attracted the attention from a variety of exhibitors and from media both home and aboard. Secondly, the meetings with hundreds of customers from more than 30 countries and regions lead to the signing of a number of contracts. Thirdly, CITVC/CHNPEC has signed a program memorandum of cooperation with KBS from Republic of Korea, with the authorization of a featuring TV drama King’s War for the first time in Asian and European countries and the contract of Qin Empire II signed. Fourthly, documentaries such as A Bite of China and China’s Mega Project are popular among the audiences.