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Significant performance attained at the 12th Asia Television Forum in Singapore

2012-04-23 09:18


        From December 7 to 9, 2011, the delegation of CITVC/CHNPEC has attended the 12th Asia Television Forum (ATF) taking place in Singapore.
Taking advantage of this unique occasion at the renowned media event, CITVC/CHNPEC has talked over with more than 40 film & TV organizations from over 20 countries and districts of Asia, on the elaborately-made Chinese media programs, and on the possibility of cooperation on international projects. Noteworthily, significant performance has been made in both sales and business development, helping CITVC/CHNPEC successfully beat the sales target.
        At the ATE, domestic TV plays such as the Glamorous Imperial Concubine, the Qin Empire II and the Legend of Mulan, documentaries like the Nanhai No. 1 or South China Sea No. 1 , the Forbidden City II, and cartoon movie the Legend of Young Yue Fei have received considerable attention and popularity among the clients.
        Ma Runsheng, General Manager of the CITVC/CHNPEC, has been invited to the 3rd Asia Content Business Summit concurrently held in Singapore, during which his keynote speech “Mutual Trust and Extensive Cooperation Promise a Bright Future” has been highly recognized by the participants. Meanwhile, the delegation led by Ma has also discussed with Singapore MediaCorp on the cooperation of the TV play Going to the South, and talked over with HK Salon Films Group and Singapore Media Development Authority on the collaboration of co-producing the Forbidden City.