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A New Marketing Success Made in Taipei Television Festival

2011-10-31 09:15



From September 21 to 23, 2011, China International Television Corporation/ China Trade Center of Radio, Film and Television Programs Exchanging Centre attended the 8th Taipei International Television Festival. They have successfully fulfilled the marketing task while the export sales of programs attained a new height.
China International Television Corporation prepared various types of programs about 3000 hours, received nearly 30 clients from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong of China, Southeast Asia and North America, and had deep talks in strengthening diversified cooperation with several major media. During the tradeshow, the TV drama New All Men Are Brothers was broadcasted popularly, and Royal Harem, The Glamorous Imperial Concubine, The Qin Empire II and other high quality costume dramas gained a wide range of attention from clients. In addition, TV plays like Twin of Brothers, Mammon You Dao, Sward Heroes’ Fate , Tracking Knights Phantom etc., and documentaries When the Louvre Meets the Forbidden City, Handicraft etc. were also well received by clients abroad.
In order to promote the cultural exchanges and cooperation between both sides of Taiwan Strait, the delegation met with the executive leaders of various mainstream media of Taiwan and they carried in–depth discussion about the further cooperation in programs. The delegation actively develops the marketing pattern of “import to promote export” for the sake of motivating the program sales.