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The Second Party Branch Held Various Theme Activities on Party Day

2012-05-31 15:02


        On May 4, 2012, the second party branch of distribution business division under China International Television Corporation carried out party day activities with the theme of inheriting Lei Feng’s spirit and building a harmonious team in Ai Di Center for the elderly. All members of the party branch and representatives from Ai Di center held joyful celebration activities together for elderly friends who were born in May. They all spent a happy morning on joint performance and great laughter. Mr. Deng, an old man who participated in China’s revolution of Red Army many years ago, moved all audiences deeply with his legendary experiences. In addition, the party branch presented the center gifts of drama and documentary CDs produced by the Corporation, and wish these presents would enrich the moral and cultural life of the elderly, which was warmly welcomed by the elderly friends.
         The deeds of the old people’s plain life and hard work and their positive attitude towards life impressed each member of the party branch who engaged in the activity deeply, and inspired them to devote more enthusiasm into work and life and to make greater efforts to contribute to the company and the society than ever before on their positions with their hard work and dedication.