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Happy Marketing Activities to Celebrate Women’s Day

2012-04-10 08:38

        On March 8th, 2012, the program agent department of CITVC/CHNPEC held a skills competition themed on happy marketing for its female staff to celebrate the 102th International Working Women’s Day. In the “Happy Marketing Contest”, women workers presented their art works in various forms, showing their art talents and a positive attitude towards life, with spirits of “Goodness, Beauty, and Truth”.
        On the awarding ceremony, the women workers voted for the top three talented employees in the competition, and then all of the women employees took part in a prize-winning intelligent contest, where they answered questions related to the company and their daily work. The contest was designed to enhance the employees’ understanding of the company’s strategic planning to further promote the company’s business to a new stage in the future. After the ceremony, the company also organized a go-to-movie-together activity. The women staff members were invited to cinema for Qian Xuesen, a film dedicated to the CPC’s 90th anniversary, which enriched their leisure and cultural life and raised their patriotic spirits at the same time.