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TV Drama Painted Skin to be shot and sighted at CITVC

2011-04-29 14:29

The start-up press conference of Painted Skin, a long-running costume romance TV drama, which was under the joint investment of China International Television Corporation, Shenzhen Media Group Shenguang Media Co., Ltd., China Radio, Film & Television Programs Exchanging Center, First Media Corporation, and Guangzhou Fenglian Film Culture Communication Co., Ltd. was held on August 27. 

The exquisite poster of this TV drama caught the eye of the media and buyers when it was first released on the opening day of China International Film & TV Programs Exhibition. At the press conference, the four leading actors Ling Xiaosu, Chen Yirong, Li Zonghan and Xue Kaiqi, acting the role of Wang Sheng, Pei Rong, Pang Yong and Xiao Wei respectively, all appeared on the scene. Cheng Jialiang, the director of its film version, also attended as the art director and attracted a lot of attention. Wu Yingjie, who is an entertaining talent from Taiwan and plays the role of Xia Bing, hosted the press conference. And Luo Jiaying, who is very popular among the mainland Chinese young for his former role of “Tang Seng”, will act as Xia Bing’s grandfather, an experienced demon hunter.

Painted Skin is one of the most representative stories in Pu Songling's Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio. Its film version, a box office success, was highly spoken of by the audience for its ideal and moving love story. It is reported that Gao Linbao, the assistant director in the film, will cooperate with the original crew and direct this TV drama. On the basis of keeping the two highlights in the film version, namely, love and magic elements, the TV version will feature richer plots and more complicated emotional relations. Wang Sheng and Pang Yong develop into sworn brothers although they are rivals. While Xiao Wei, played by Xue Kaiqi, also has a touching love affair with Long Yun played by Qi Yuwu.

Cheng Chunli, deputy general manager of China Film & Television Programs Exchanging Center, one of its producers and its overseas distributor, said she believed that this TV drama would sell well in the overseas market with its wonderful plot, cast and crew.