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New-Generation Actors Picked in the Romance of the West Chamber

2010-09-15 11:20

The Romance of the West Chamber, an ancient legendary drama, which is jointly produced by China International Television Corporation, China Radio, Film and Television Programs Exchanging Center and Beijing New ShiPang Culture Media Co., Ltd., is to be shot in September. On August 27, its press conference was held during China International Film and Television Programs Exhibition. 


A well-known classical drama in China, the Romance of the West Chamber tells a romantic story between Zhang Junrui (also called Zhang Sheng), a young scholar, and Cui Yingying, the daughter of a chief minister of the court in the Tang Dynasty. They fall in love at first sight and finally get married after overcoming many restrictions imposed by the feudal system for freedom of marriage with the help of Hong Niang, Yingying’s maid. The story is produced in the form of the long-running television drama for the first time, which is expected to appeal greatly to the audience in 2010.


When selecting the three leading actors, the producer picked Zhang Xiaocheng, a new-generation idol to play Zhang Sheng, the male protagonist, for his successful performance in the television drama Schemes of a Beauty, which is highly thought of by the audience, and his handsome apperance as well as potential market value. Zhou Qiqi is selected to play the female leading role, Cui Yingying, with her amazing performance in the hot television series Meteor, Butterfly, Sword. She was praised highly by the director Lu Qi, “She perfectly matches the character because she possesses the qualities of a classic beauty when she dresses up.” Hong Niang, another female charater, is played by the new-generation young actress Deng Jiajia, who has impressed the audience with her outstanding performance in films Almost Perfect and Panda Express.


It is reported that Lu Qi, the director, used to be an art director and is proficient in making costume films. He was an art director in many well-known works such as Wu Zetian, Wo Xin Chang Dan, Kang Xi’s Dynasty, etc. Song Jia, an actress with fine acting skills who play the role of Cui Yingying’s mother, says “I believe that Director Lu Qi will bring many beautiful artistic elements to the Romance of the West Chamber, which will feast the audience’s eyes.”