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Ma Yili Passionately Plays a Female Character Behind Jia Yiping in King of Silk

2010-09-15 14:03

Produced by China International Television Corporation and China Radio, Film and Television Programs Exchanging Center, King of Silk has been very hot recently during the primetime on CCTV-8, directed by famous director Huang Jianzhong and starring Jia Yiping, Ma Yili and Zhou Yang. In the television drama, Shang Dazhi, a Yu (refers to Henan) businessman played by Jia Yiping, experienced ups and downs in his life, staying in prison for two times, going bankrupt for three times and experiencing two kinds of romantic love. His romantic experiences particularly echo in the audience’s mind. 

Excellent television series always stand out in touching love stories, an eternal topic for people, and King of Silk is not an exception. In it, two distinctive kinds of love experienced by Shang Dazhi are described and move the audience. One is extremely touching, and the other describes a couple takes care of each other when they are in trouble. 

Sheng Yun Wei, the protagonist Sheng Dazhi’s first lover played by Zhou Yang, pursues love at all costs, but her life is tragic. To save his life, she married to a person whom she hates most deeply, and as a result she is accompanied by loneliness in her whole life. The scriptwriter defines the character, “Yunwei’s love is ideal and is a tragic beauty, shining as beautifully as summer flowers and falling as quietly as autumn leaves. The director Huang Jianzhong thinks highly of Zhou Yang, “She successfully interprets the characters’ personality with her eyes revealing hidden bitterness all the time in the program.”

Shun’er, played by Ma Yili who is a new mother, was born into a poor family and silently loves and takes care of Shang Dazhi. Generally speaking, Shun’er inherits all the merits of traditional Chinese females, like kindness, filial piety, and being virtuous, and is selected by his mother as his wife. Ma Yili gives her understanding of the character. According to her, Shun’er is introverted and moderate, the typical oriental females’ characteristics. However, that does not mean she is weak. In fact, she has a strong personality, which originates from her respectable morality, strong determination and perseverance in her life goals. Its strength is inner and extremely powerful, and it is the strength that enables her to conquer Liang Jiuqi, a character who gives Da Zhicheng headache. 

It is said that during the shooting, Ma Yili has to breastfeed her daughter, but she devotes herself to the television program. In order to successfully portray Shun’er, she strives to get well prepared in emotion all the time. For example, in a scene where Shun’er warms Dazhi’ feet with her hands at the wedding night, she was fully prepared before shooting and therefore she perfectly revealed Shun’er deep and hidden love.