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Summary and Commend Meeting & New Year Get-together was Held

2012-04-01 10:19

China Radio, Film, and Television Programs Exchanging Center & TVPMD of CITVC held the Summary and Commend Meeting on the morning of January 13rd, 2012. Mr. Ma Runsheng briefly summarized the achievements the corporation had made in the past year and arranged the major points of work for the year of 2012. The advanced group and individual who had made outstanding contribution in the past year were commended.


总经理马润生致祝酒词                                                                                        慰问军属              

慰问新生子女员工                                                                                          慰问新婚员工   

         现场抽奖环节                                                                                办公室舞蹈《舞动世界》

           技术部歌曲《欢乐合唱团》                                                                 音像部快板《发展繁荣创辉煌》    

海外部舞蹈《Office Hero》                                                                      国内部舞蹈《东南闻风》

   音像部相声《对联拜年》                                                                         节目部歌曲《迎春路上》

      财务部歌曲《今夜无眠》                                                                总公司年会节目《飘扬的旗帜》

The corporation’s 2012 New Year Get-together meeting was held in Beijing Longxi Spring Resort Hotel on the evening of January 13rd, 2012. Honored guest from the State Administration of Radio Film and Television, CCTV and business partners attended this meeting by invitation. Divided by department, the staff put on performances including dances, songs, cross talk and allegro, etc. The guests present also deliver shows that night. Throughout the whole meeting, the atmosphere was very warm and the audiences were excited and applauded frequently for the high level performance. During the performance, the leaders of the corporation and the labor union expressed their solicitude towards the newly-married, new-parents and the families-of-soldiers staff. The last program, the Waving Flag moved the audiences present with its magnificent dance and recitation. It shows the brave heart of the staff to meet the challenges.