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King of Silk to Be Premiered CCTV-8 on Aug.18

2011-04-29 14:29


On the evening of August 18, the epicKing of Silk, released by China International Television Corporation and China Radio, Film and Television Programs Exchanging Center, is to be aired in primetime on CCTV-8, the television drama channel of China Central Television (CCTV). The TV drama directed by Huang Jianzhong, and starring prominent actors such as Jia Yiping, Ma Yili, Zhang Guangbei and Zhou Yang, etc., describes a national industry epic. 

King of Silk focuses on the protagonist’s (played by Jia Yiping) perception of “benevolence”, when he goes through livelihood hardships during different historical periods ranging from the early 20th century at the chaotic end of the Qing Dynasty, the Xinhai Revolution (also known as the Revolution of 1911), the warlord era (from 1916 to 1928) to the War of Resistance Against Japan (from 1937 to 1945). Despite various sufferings brought by times and others’ cheating and oppression, he adheres to the business principle of “benevolence” and the life principle of “harmony”. With his perseverance, he finally achieves great success in his business and life. 

The television drama is adapted from Zhou Daxin’s Twentieth Scene, which is a Mao Dun Literature Prize nominee and a People’s Literature Award winner. Targeting the Chinese national industry which undergoes a lot of hardships and develops in great obstacles, it tells the tussah industry in the central plain region of China for the first time. It re-presents processes for manufacturing tussah in Nanyang of Henan Province last century in many scenes, allowing the audience to appreciate the unique charm of the rare handicraft skill and experience a totally new feeling.

It is said that the program will be exclusively broadcast in the Henan TV Station through satellite after the first run in CCTV. Concentrating on Yu (refers to Henan) businessmen, it is extremely recognized by the Henan TV Station, which is determined to exclusively broadcast it. In terms of its potential audience rating, Wang Shaochun, s chief editor and vice president of Henan TV Station, is filled with confience, “I believe the audience rating will be very encouraging thanks to the considerable influence of its first run on CCTV.”