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Seminar on King of Silk Held in Beijing

2010-09-15 10:54

On the afternoon of August 10, the seminar on the television drama King of Silk to be aired on CCTV-8 soon was held in Beijing. Present at the seminar were experts in the field including Li Ming (secretary of the CPC Leadership Group and deputy chairman in China Television Artists Association), Wang Danyan (secretary general of China Television Art Association) and Tong Chengxiang (an honorary member of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and president of Art Research Academy of Communication University of China), the director Huang Jianzhong and the book’s author Zhou Daxin. The drama, an impressive product presented by China International Television Corporation and China Radio, Film & Television Programs Exchanging Center in many years, is defined by Ma Runsheng (its general producer) as a popular epic, which was fully accepted by the experts. 

The literariness of the television drama gained recognition.

King of Silk is adapted from the Twentieth Scene written by the prominent writer Zhou Daxin. Several experts who have watched it praised the television drama was one of a few examples which successfully blended literariness and visuality. Li Ming (secretary of the CPC Leadership Group and deputy chairman of China Television Artists Association) said, “The television drama realizes three combinations. Firstly, the regional culture and the tussah industry are blended perfectly with the big historical background of national sufferings and efforts. The second one is the combination of the successful portrayal of various characters and clear description of the story. Thirdly, it brings together literary, dramatic and visual elements.”

The conscience reflected in it is advocated.

Targeting the Chinese national industry undergoing hardships, King of Silk reveals the unique tussah industry in the central plains region of China. The protagonist Shang Dazhi experienced ups and downs and finally brought his firm Shang Jili up at the troubled times, realizing his dream and revitalization of the national industry. After watching the drama, Yan Jingming (chief editor of Wenyibao, a newspaper on literature and art) said, “The most impressive is the characters’ attitude toward conscience, a correct value system which is meaningful for mass media.”