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The Epic King of Silk to be Aired on CCTV

2010-09-15 10:54

King of Silk, the first TV drama portraying the spirits of the merchants in central plains region of China, is to be aired on August 17 in primetime on CCTV-8. On August 11, the TV drama held its debut press conference in Beijing, and Huang Jianzhong, the director, and the leading actors Jia Yiping, Ma Yili, Zhang Guangbei appeared on the scene.

King of Silk tells the legendary story of Shang Dazhi, the protagonist, who strives to fulfill his dream and rejuvenate national industry in 49 episodes, showing the tortuous development of a tussah family in nearly a century and the difficult life experience of a national capitalist in troubled times. Dr. Ma Runsheng, the head of China International Television Corporation, China Radio, Film & Television Programs Exchanging Center and the general producer of this TV drama, says that the King of Silk is “a large-sized political fable about the fate of China in the 20th century, and breathtaking epic of national industry”.

The TV drama is adapted from the famous contemporary writer--Zhou Daxin’s Twentieth Scene, a People’s Literature Award winner, and it took the scriptwriter Zhou Zhifang fours years to present its script. At the debut press conference, Huang Jiangzhong, the director, extended his thanks and respect to the two writers for several times, saying that the script plays a key role in the success of the TV drama: “Nothing would have been possible without such a good script”. Jia Yiping, Ma Yili and Zhang Guangbei, the leading actors, also claimed that the motivation for their devoting to the TV drama was the script, which is completely watchable and with deep sense of literature. “I’ve been an actor for so many years, and read numerous scripts, but this script is indeed the best one I’ve ever seen”, said Jia Yiping. Ma Yili, who plays the role of Shun’er, said frankly: “I feel very lucky that I can be invited to act in such an excellent TV drama when I return from giving birth to my baby. I’m a lot plumper and enjoy being a mother, which makes me perfect for the role. ”