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Marketing Exploration of Flag

2011-09-19 14:50


On May 30th and 31st, 2011, China Radio, Film & Television Program Exchange Center (CHNPEC) / China International TV Corporation (CITVC) with all employees proceed to Xibaipo, Chinese Revolutionary Base of Pingshan country, Hebei province, participated in Flag Marketing activity and activities of the Chinese Communist Party(CPC) and the Chinese Communist League.

In the activity, red, yellow and blue three teams presented their plans respectively and delivered the presentation on location. General Manager Mr. Ma Ruisheng commented on each team from aspects of “Task and Target”, “Plan and Implementation” and “Execution and Promotion”, and also put forward higher standards for all teams. During the stay, the company has also signed a contract for the special marketing of Flag with Xibaipo Memorial and set up a marketing stand in Xibaipo Red Tourism area. This marks a tribute to the 90th Anniversary of Founding of CPC.

On the day of Party and League activity, all employees visited the Xibaipo Memorial and paid their respects to Chairman Mao’s former residence, recalling founders and organizers of CPC, reviewing the oath made when joining the Party and the Party’s “four cardinal principles and two musts”. This activity has enhanced all party members’ party spirits and all employees’ team spirit.