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Review glorious course and push image construction

2010-07-06 10:30




On June 11, 2010, China Radio, Film and Television Programs Exchanging Center and Program Agent Department of China International Television Corporation organized whole staff to go to Site Memorial of the First National Congress of the CPC of Shanghai and hold the thematic approach of “Review glorious course and push image construction” for the purpose of implementing firstly creating excellence deployment requirement of CCTV, combining party organization construction reinforcement with pushing enterprise image. Staff visited vivid and material historical relics of party construction and watched “Glorious Course” trailer to improve their cognitions for party, increase organizational cohesion, completely mobilize, inspire staff’s working ardor and encourage them to conduct marketing works with positive actions. Facing fresh party flag, whole staff took a solemn oath, sticking to the party’s faith, conducting the party’s tenet, keeping holy mission in mind, establishing good image and making arduous efforts to create China teleplay aircraft carrier and build international top media.