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TV Drama Mission for Peace Win Special Award on Europe-Asia TV Forum

2010-04-15 12:16

A few days ago, Mission for Peace, a TV drama against a background of the China-Russia joint military exercise called “Peace Mission 2005”, and its director, Ma Runsheng,won the Special Award under the National Awards in
the 12th Europe-Asia TV Forum held in Moscow, because of “its outstanding portray of the friendship between Chinese and Russian soldiers”. This TV drama is co-produced by China International Television Corporation, China Radio, Film & Television Programs Exchange Center, Department of Politics and Publicity of Jinan Military Region, and Shanghai Capital Media Company and had been aired on CCTV-8 during prime-time hours in early 2009.

As the largest and most influential Radio-TV Forum in Europe and Asia, the 12th Europe-Asia TV Forum was held from 26 November through 1 December 2009 in Moscow. The Forum was jointly organized by the Europe and Asia Institute of Radio and Television of Russia, the Russian Union of Journalists, the Russian Union of Film Producers, and Russian State Media Group. Over 100 representatives from China, Russia, Iran, Israel, France, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Estonia, the Republicof Montenegro, and Azerbaijan attended the Forum.