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The Outward Bound Training Themed Team Building and Excellen

2010-05-24 16:05

During September 10, 2009 to September 11, 2009, China Radio, Film & Television Programs Exchange Center/the TV Program Agency Department of China International Television Corporation, organized all staff to go to Ren Zhong Ren Training Base located in Huairou, Beijing, to participate in the outward bound training themed team building and excellence creating.















During the training lasted for two days, under the guidance of the professional coach, all participants irrespective of the departments they woke at, set up 7 teams representing 7 virtual companies, each of which has its own name, corporate emblem, corporate song and corporate slogan. Then these members of the 7 teams, on the basis of competitive contest, participated in a number of interesting training activities such as passing through electrified wire netting, climbing high ladder, conducting big move, and motivating other people. And the final champion of the “company” is decided according to the total scores of the training activities achieved by these teams.
















The small games reveal the major principles. Immediately after the completion of each training activity, the coach asked the participants to review the activity and share their experience with other participants in order to make the participants study from their experience and change themselves in the process of studying. These challenging training activities specially designed for the participants make the teams and team members experience a series of trials and tests, thereby building up their perseverance to overcome difficulties, strengthening their psychological health and a proactive attitude toward life, and enhancing their team spirit of mutual cooperation and support. The participants expressed that they will, by virtue of this outward bound training, further enhance their confidence, strengthen team cooperation, and forge ahead in a pioneering spirit to strive to achieve the business goals and objectives of our company.