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TV Drama Star Lit Win Sky Perfect TV Award 2009

2011-04-29 14:28

A few days ago, Star Lit, a TV drama series in 22 episodes, beat European, American and other Asian dramas, winning the Sky Perfect TV Award 2009 for Overseas TV Drama organized by Sky Perfect JSAT Corporation, Japan’s main provider of satellite television access. Star Lit had been aired on Japanese So-net channel and BS channel and was well received by Japanese viewers.

Star Lit is one of the best idol dramas produced in recent years. It tells a mournful and touching love story between a piano genius whose art career is ruined by a car accident and a pretty girl who suffers from an incurable disease and is doomed to die. It is a moving and inspirational story about the pursuit of pure love, hope, and passions for life by young people. This TV drama is co-produced by China Radio, Film & Television Programs Exchange Center/China International Television Corporation and Taiwan ZMI Company, with the hot actor Jerry Yan playing as the leading male role. Star Litis the first TV drama produced in China that aired in Japanese main TV channels and received high audience rating.

The award-winning of Star Lit marks a key breakthrough of the TV dramas themed in the life in contemporary China aired in the overseas mainstream TV channels. It changes the situation that the Japanese market for oversees contemporary TV drams is dominated by the TV dramas produced by South Korea and Taiwan, establishes the fixed overseas viewing group for China’s TV series and dramas, and lays a good foundation for the entry of China’s TV programs and dramas into Japanese TV market.