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2009 TIFFCOM News in Brief

2010-04-15 12:25

From 15th Oct to 22nd Oct, ChinaRadioFilm & TVProgramExchangingCenter/ China International TV Corporation represent CCTV attend “Asia Summit Forum” and Tokyo International TV Market (TIFFCOM), achieve good result again.

In this “Asia Summit Forum” in the economic industrial province, Japan, around the theme of “TV Content to be International”, representatives from Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Hong Kong make the speeches in regards the topics of developing program model and new technological industry, making great pressure on international communication, developing TV Game industry and so on. Vice president of our company, Cheng Chunli represents China TV and media, makes the speech around the title of “Focusing Asian Common View, Realizing Win-win Development”, and introduces a number of International Cooperation Plans; make the sympathetic response from participates, and get unexpected repercussion.

During this TIFFCOM, about hundreds of hours and thousands of episodes Chinese programs include TV Drama, Documentary and Animation, the money which agrees to sign is increased about 20% compares with last year. At the same time, international cooperation projects have been communicated effectively during this TIFFCOM.