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Festivity of 2009 Chinese New Year

2010-05-24 17:27

On January 16, the company held 2009 Chinese New Year Party. Guests from the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) , CCTV and the relevant business cooperation organizations attended the party. On the party, the company staff performed dance, chorus, opusculum, and other art programs by Dept as unit, meanwhile, company leaders and members of the labor union greeted the newly-wedded staff, parents of newborns, armymen’s family and the needy workers, reflecting the company’s deep concern for its staff. 

      Greet the Armymen’s Family                                                                               Greet the Newly Wedding Staff 
                Office Girls from Da-Ban City                                                                       Finance Dept Taekwondo Gymnastics         


Domestic Sales Dept Colorful Ag                                                                    Overseas Sales Dept Blessing

                    Technology Dept Brilliant 2008                                                               Program Operation Dept Battlefield Diaries

          Foreign Guest’s Wonderful Performance 1                                                        Foreign Guest’s Wonderful Performance 2

   Audio-visual Dept On the Taihang Mountain                                                 Logistics Dept Spring Drum and Tai Chi Fan

    Dance Poem Our 2008                                                                                             Dance Poem Our 2008