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Depth Study of The Scientific Concept of Development

2010-05-24 11:23


From Nov. 19 to 20, 2008, the company organized a tour of all its staff to the artillery brigade of the Beijing Military Region for a military training themed on Scientific Development, Sharpen Team, aiming at tempering the will of its staff and improving the implementation capability of the team through strict military training, and thus laying a solid foundation for the company’s further scientific development.


During the military training, Ma Runsheng, the company’s General Manager and Secretary of Party General Branch delivered a special counseling report on studying scientific outlook of development for all the staff, in which he, starting from the company’s actual situation, carefully analyzed the future development goal, existing obstacles as well as the corresponding reform and development measures for film & television program marketing, stressed the necessity to firmly seize the opportunity to focus on the four themes "Development, Improvement, Enhancing, and Expanding", clear off the ideas, nail down the mission, further refine the program and take concrete steps to ensure the realization of the company’s goal for scientific development, and make the film & television marketing stronger and bigger. It was also in the meeting that some depts and individuals were praised for their outstanding achievements made in the entire personnel marketing work of Olympic audio-visual programs.