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TV Play StarLit is Well Received on Japanese Main TV Channel

2011-04-29 14:31

co-produced by China International Television Corporation and Taiwan ZMI Company was first aired on So-net, one of Japanese main TV channels, and had achieved an immediate success. To date, more than 10000 people has visited the official website created for this TV play by So-net and posted more than 100 messages and comments, which hits a new high. Since this TV play is well received by Japanese viewers, the StarLit will be aired again on BS Japan, the terrestrial channel covering whole Japan, on every Saturday from October 3.

The StarLit is one of a few TV plays produced in China that can be aired in the primetime on Japanese main TV channels. The success of StarLit will further improve the status of the China-made TV plays in Japanese TV market. To date, the telecast right of StarLit has been successfully sold to the TV institutions in more than 10 countries and regions including USA, Canada and South East Asia, creating several records of the overseas marketing of the fashion TV plays produced by mainland China.