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Programs Exhibition has been simplified&attention has been paid to actual effect

2013-02-06 15:04


 From Dec, 28th to 30th, 2012, the 10th China International Film & Television Programs Exhibition was held successfully in Beijing Exhibition Hall. The exhibition of film and TV programs is an important part of China Radio Film&Television International Exposition hosted by the SARFT, and it’s also a key exhibition listed in the 11th and 12th Five-Year Plans for cultural development. It was undertaken by CCTV, and China International TV Corporation/ China Radio, Film & Television Programs Exchanging Center took charge of its implementation.

       We practiced the eight regulations made be the CPC Central Committee about improving the style of working in action. We held this session of the exhibition economically, aiming at an actual effect. Excellent programs including TV series, films, documentaries, animations and TV columns have been gathered to the exhibition and various major producers, distributors and broadcasters active in TV & film-making field have been attracted here. According to statistics, 7960 TV series containing 172620 episodes, 1332 films, 5150 documentaries, features and columns, 1803 animations containing 163937 episodes have been exhibited at this exhibition, and the transaction amount(including those intentioned) totaled up to RMB3.916 billion yuan.

        This session of the exhibition possesses several characteristics as follows:

Ⅰ、Grand scale and innumerable good works

        This session was held coincided with Christmas and New Year holidays in the end of the year, besides, the severe winter also brought much inconvenience to exhibitors especially those from abroad. In spite of the impact of some disadvantages, the exhibition area of this session still covered up to 24,000 m2, which was 2000 m2 larger than the last session, and the rate of attracting exhibitors was up to 100%; more than 1400 exhibitors participated the exhibition, including radio and TV groups, TV stations, production and distribution companies, film companies, audio-visual companies, broadcasting companies as well as financial agencies planning to invest in media at home and abroad. International exhibitors were from various countries and regions like Great Britain, USA, Japan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, India and Macao.

        According to the overall statistics of the exhibition, private firms accounted for 70.7% of the exhibitors, domestic media accounted for 19.7%, international exhibitors accounted for 9.6%; there were 16245 programs altogether, 88.9% of which were about realistic subjects; 4516 TV series of realistic subjects, accounted for 27.8%; 1023 TV series of  revolutionary and historical subjects, accounted for 6.3%. The number of programs exhibited has increased by 91%.

        ‘The Joint Exhibition Area of Key Enterprises of the State Radio Film & TV Export’ hosted by the Department of International Cooperation of the SARFT and undertaken by the Organizing Committee of China International Film & Television Programs Exhibition has attracted 60 exhibiting enterprises, publicizing the rich fruits we gained in recent years since we carried out the ‘go global’ project of Chinese film and TV programs, building platforms for publicizing Chinese enterprises of film and television culture, and expanding international influence of cultural products and service of Chinese film and television.

        During the exhibition, ambassadors and counselors form various embassies in Beijing have come to attend the exhibition. They communicated in depth about the cooperation in cultural industry and the communication as well as transaction of cultural products of film and television. The exhibition has provided a wider platform for the prosperous development of cultural industry and the communion as well as cooperation of Chinese and foreign culture.

Ⅱ、Rich activities and marked results

         We have held many forums and activities of multi-themes during this session of the exhibition, which has greatly enriched the content of the exhibition. We held all the activities simply, not just make it a mere formality. We tried to be pragmatic and have produced marked results.

         1 Asia-Pacific Documentary International Forum

        With the theme of ‘Open Up the Future,Engage in Win-Win Cooperation’, the Asia-Pacific Documentary International Forum has been held, and film & TV purchasers from mainstream channels in Asia-Pacific region, Chinese and foreign independent producers of documentaries, noted experts and scholars as well as media at home and abroad have been invited to the forum. They have discussed and exchanged ideas on issues like boosting the international integration of Chinese television documentaries, enhancing the international influence of CCTV documentary channel and building a bridge for international cooperation of Chinese and foreign documentaries.

        2The Summit Forum of China’s TV Art Criticism Development

        Taking the opportunity of the 30th birthday of China Television, we have held the Summit Forum of China’s TV Art Criticism Development, honoring elites in the Chinese television domain, to speed up the innovation of China’s television art and carry forward the enterprising spirit of China television.

        3Literary and artistic celebration of China television

        We have held the third prize-giving activity of nationwide TV Spring Festival Galas, studying the humane connotation of TV literature and art and discussing the organic integration of the content and form of TV literature and art.

        4Impressive Taiwan HD TV Program Recommendation Conference

        The reception for Impressive Taiwan HD TV Program Recommendation Conference was held to recommend film and television programs of Taiwan, building a communicative bridge for the cooperation of film and TV culture across the Taiwan Strait.

Ⅲ、Simplified form and outstanding actual effect

         While holding this session of the exhibition, we practiced the eight regulations made be the CPC Central Committee about improving the style of working in action. We held it economically in light of the principle of being practical and plain. We left out the opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony; we didn’t place flowers and red carpet in the exhibition hall and we didn’t invite leaders to make speech. We didn’t hold any ceremony on a grand and spectacle scale and have cancelled the arrangements of cocktail party for the tenth anniversary of the exhibition. The only thing we did was that the organizing committee acknowledged simply those exhibitors who supported us in the past ten years after the opening, awarding prizes including Golden Sail Ten-Year Cooperation, Golden Sail Eight-Year Cooperation, Golden Sail International Exhibition, Golden Sail Individual and Golden Sail New Media to some of the exhibiting companies and individuals.

        The organizing committee abandoned the formalism and put an end to waste so that they could pay more attention to the organizing work of the exhibition and wholeheartedly serve the exhibitors, which embodied the pragmatic style of work and practical spirit. The simple style of organizing the exhibition is entirely new, which has won praise from leaders and exhibitors.

Ⅳ、Leading the market and showing the direction

        This session of the exhibition showed the national standard and international orientation, leading continually the direction of the development of China’s film and TV cultural industry. The ‘national team’ including CCTV, China International TV Corporation and Central Studio of News Reels Production has a strong lineup and abundant programs, showing great success they have  achieved in the development and prosperity of culture as major forces. Local TV stations and private film and TV firms have also showed up with different characteristics, and they are growing vigorously. Portals and video websites like Sina, Youku and Le TV represented the prospect of new media and new technology, giving us a breath of fresh air.

        During the exhibition, Vice minister of the Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the CPC at the same time the director of the State Administration of Radio Film and Television(SARFT)—Cai Fuchao, leaders of the SARFT—Tian Jin, Zhang Pimin, Li Wei, Li Qiufang, and president of CCTV—Hu Zhanfan have inspected the exhibition. They have visited the exhibition area of CCTV, exhibition booths of domestic and international major media/film & TV organizations as well as new online media and the joint exhibition area of key enterprises of the state film & TV export, researching and getting acquainted with the current development situation of the film and TV industry. It was generally acknowledged by the leaders and the exhibitors that this session of the exhibition has highlighted the theme of ‘new technology, new media, and new fusion’, reflecting comprehensively the outlook of the current film and TV market which is developing quickly and scientifically. It has provided a platform for efficient communications for organizations producing, making and broadcasting film and TV programs at home and abroad, which would produce a positive effect in enhancing the overall strength and competiveness of culture, in pushing forward the prosperous development of cultural industry and in building a power with socialist culture.

Quantity of Programs Exhibited

TV series

Realistic Subjects

4516 TV series/74152 episodes3188536

minutesaccount for 27.8%

Revolutionary and historical Subjects

1023 TV series /20704 episodes910996

minutesaccount for 6.3%

Classical and historical Subjects

910 TV series /20384 episodes751930

minutesaccount for 5.6%


1511 TV series /57380 episodes(2180442 minutesaccount for 9.3%



861 films /account for 5.3%


471 films/account for 2.9%





4305/770595 minutes 

account for26.5%


845 /359125 minutes 

account for 5.2%



1121 animations/107401 episodes(2089808 minutes)account for 6.9%


682 animations/56536 episodes981521 minutesaccount for 4.2%



Grand total16245
























Classifications of Programs Exhibited