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Cultural Products Donation Warmly Welcomed by Sichuan

2010-05-24 11:15




On the special day of the International Children’s Day, 2008, when the whole nation were making concerted efforts to combat the earthquake, the China International Television Corporation and China Radio, Film & Television Program Exchanging Center sent four comrades represented by Ma Runsheng to donate the DVD discs of large-scale disaster relief show “Dedication for Love” jointly sponsored by nine ministries and commissions and other cultural products to the Dujiangyan City of Sichuan and the earthquake epicenter--Yingxiu Town of Wenchuan County. They brought two schools in the disaster area rich cultural spiritual food, and spent a special International Children's Day with the children there; and through the people’s army fighting in the first lien of earthquake relief, they spread love to more remote mountainous areas and villages, and got warm welcome of the children and people in disaster areas.

The cultural products our company donated in the love activity included film and television video discs, T-shirts, TV sets, DVD players and other cultural materials of which the schools in disaster areas were in urgent need. In addition to the DVD discs of disaster relief show “Dedication for Love” made through urgent overtime work, the image data also included the "Rebels", "Small Carp", "Journey to the West", "I Read the Classics", etc, covering more than 30 varieties of outstanding children's programs, documentaries, films & television series.