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Hualu Baina Movie Co., Ltd.

Invested by China Hualu Group, Beijing Hualu Baina Movie Co., Ltd. (HBN) is a professional film & TV production company granted the Teleplay Production License (Class A) by the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television. It is committed to movie and teleplay production, investment, production, and distribution, and actor broker promotion, and aims to produce TV & movie works with profound cultural connotation and mighty influence. 
HBN has integrated massive high-end and advantageous industry resources, and produced a series of TV & movie works with higher recognitions and business values. Now, the company takes market share in a commercial-scale manner, with its investment increased by 30% year by year. It also expands businesses to the movie industry, with a view to lead the market development with excellent and influential works. 
Cooperation works:

Teleplays :  Assassinator JingKe, The Saga of Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang, The Great Reformer.