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Moving Speech by Earthquake Relief Heroes

2010-05-24 10:43


On the afternoon of July 15, 2008, the China Radio, Film and Television Program Exchanging Center / Program Agent Dept of China International Television Corporation held a special report, and invited Senior Colonel Huang Xiaojian, Director of the Political Dept of Iron Army Division of Jinan Military Region, to narrate to all the staff the heroic deeds during the earthquake relief. Iron Army Division is a heroic force with glorious revolutionary traditions and outstanding exploits. They dare and are good at formidable tasks. After the "5.12" Wenchuan earthquake happened, the Iron Army Division hurried to the disaster area at once and pushed forward into the epicenter on foot. They composed magnificent poems with flesh and blood, and won high praise from the party and people. On the platform, the hero was narrating the deeds emotionally; the audience’s tears mingled with applause. The moving stories of Iron Army officers and soldiers fearing neither hardship nor danger deeply touched the staff, and their selfless dedication, fearless heroism and the lofty mindset "all for the people" greatly encouraged the morale of the staff. The staff expressed that, inspired by the spirit of Iron Army and the earthquake relief spirit, they would strive for unswerving faith, strict discipline, firm solidarity, steely will and determined style to hurdle the current difficulties and blaze new trails, and take the "08 Beijing Olympic Action" entire personnel marketing campaign as an opportunity to do a good job in the publication of audio-visual products for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, firmly win this tough battle of the Olympic marketing, and thus open up new prospects for programs marketing.