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The 10th China International Film & Television Programs Exhibition opened

2013-02-06 14:46



        In the morning of Dec, 28th, 2012, the 10th China International Film & Television Programs Exhibition opened in Beijing Exhibition Hall. Vice minister of the Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the CPCthe director of the State Administration of Radio Film and Television(SARFT)—Cai Fuchao, deputy directors of SARFT—Tian Jin, Zhang Pimin, Li Wei, member of the Party Leadership Group of SARFT and  leader of the Disciplinary Inspection Team—Li Qiufang, Presdent of CCTV—Hu Zhanfan, leader of the Disciplinary Inspection Team and Secretary of CPC Committee of CCTV—Zhang Haige, as well as officials from SARFT inspected the exhibition.

        Leaders of SARFT and CCTV visited various functional areas of the exhibition and related exhibition booths, considering that the scale of the exhibition has expanded gradually and more exhibitors and excellent films and TV programs have been attracted here. They also held the view that the organizers had done their job more carefully and thoroughly so that everything was in good order. Besides, the content of the exhibition was richer—more and more film and TV works of new media and high definition are springing up. This session of the exhibition highlights the theme of ‘new technology, new media, and new fusion’, reflecting comprehensively the outlook of the current film and TV market which is developing quickly and scientifically. It has provided a platform for efficient communications for organizations producing, making and broadcasting film and TV programs home and abroad, which would produce a positive effect in enhancing the overall strength and competiveness of culture, in pushing forward the prosperous development of cultural industry and in building a power with socialist culture.

        In order to implement the eight regulations made by the Party Central Committee about improving the style of working, we held this session of the exhibition economically, aiming at a actual effect. We didn’t hold the opening ceremony and have cancelled the arrangements of cocktail party for the tenth anniversary of the exhibition. The only thing we did was that the organizing committee acknowledged simply those exhibitors who supported us in the past ten years after the opening.

        The exhibition of film and TV programs is an important part of China Radio Film&Television International Exposition hosted by the SARFT, and it’s also a key exhibition listed in the 11th and 12th Five-Year Plans for cultural development. It was undertaken by CCTV, and China International TV Corporation/ China Radio, Film & Television Programs Exchanging Center took charge of its implementation. The exhibition area of this session covered 24,000 m2, and more than 1400 exhibitors have displayed their works at the exhibition.