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"Mission for Peace" was Awarded in Total V International Television Festival

2010-04-15 12:29



After international judging panel’s strict selection, 20-episode TV series Mission for Peace, which is recommended by China Central Television and directed by China Radio, Film & Television Programs Exchanging Center’s GM Ma Runsheng, won the Second Prize of its kind in the 5th Ukraine Total V International Television Festival "have Won together".

The 5th Total V International Television Festival was held in Sevastopol, Ukraine during 4-10 May, 2009. Candidates of the awards include 162 features films and TV series from 11 countries like Ukraine, Russia, China, France, Bulgaria, Poland and etc. The awards consist of one special award and awards under 11 categories with 3 ranks of prizes in each category – the 1st prize, the 2nd prize and the 3rd prize.