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The 9th China International Film & TV Programs Exhibition Successfully Closed

2011-09-19 15:12

Beijing——The 9th China International Film & TV Programs Exhibition drew a successful conclusion on August 27, 2011. The exhibition was an important part of China International Radio, Film & TV Expo, which was hosted by the State Administration of Radio, Film & TV , and undertaken by CCTV . Other than the exhibition, the Expo was also composed of a technology and equipment exhibition, a high-level forum and a national radio, film & television programs award-giving ceremony, making it a national and international media gathering.


China International Film & TV Programs Exhibition has been held 9 times since it was started in 2003. It commits itself to presenting the achievements of film & TV industry’s innovation and development, creating a new situation for the cultural reform and promoting the development of the industry. The exhibition has brought together excellent TV plays, films, documentaries and animated cartoons of home and abroad, involving a wide range of themes about real social life, revolutionary history, youth’s encouraging stories, family ethics, ancient legends, classical dramas, suspense and action film, household encyclopedias, culture and history, children’s cartoon etc. The exhibition was also expected to be a gathering for film & television producers, publishers and broadcasters in this field.


According to China International Film & TV Programs Exhibition Program Guide’s collections and field statistics, 2,938 TV plays (80,984 episodes in total), 500 movies, 4039 documentaries, special subjects and columns, and 991 animated cartoons (89,244 episodes in total) have been displayed on this year’s exhibition, contributing to a total of 3.12 billion yuan from the transaction and quasi- transaction.


For 9 years , the Exhibition has caught much attention of the public, it has always insisted on scientific and standardized management mode: it was the first one in China to pass ISO9001 International Quality Management System certification; the first one to implement IPMP international project management system; the first one to conduct the “Publicizing Exhibition Booths on the Internet” operation mode; the first one to apply professional decibel meter to control noise pollution and implement “quasi-quiet transaction”, making the exhibition an national and international media gathering.


The 9th China International Film & TV Programs Exhibition has five notable features as follows:


          I.          It’s a distinguished gathering for outstanding talents and international brands.


China International Film & TV Programs Exhibition is the largest one in both China and Asia with an area of 22,000 square meters, and has established a good reputation among exhibitors of home and abroad by its accurate and authoritative information, abundant program resources, fast and easy service during the exhibition.


There were more than 1,300 exhibitors setting a booth at the exhibition, among which there were 76% private companies, 13.6% domestic media agencies and 10.4% overseas agencies. According to statistics, 32.8% private companies, 30.7% domestic media agencies and 36.5% overseas agencies attended the exhibition. 8,468 programs were displayed at the exhibition, including 88.3% featuring the theme of real social life. The number of realistic theme TV plays was 1,617, accounting for 19.1% of the total; the number of revolutionary history theme TV plays was 271, with an increase by 25% than last year, accounting for 3.2% of the total.


The exhibition has attracted exhibitors from America, France, Japan, Korea, India, Spain, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. Domestic exhibitors including Shanghai Media Group, Jiangsu Radio & TV station, Zhejiang Films & TV(Group) Co. ltd, Anhui Radio & TV station, Talent TV & Film Making Co., Ltd., Beijing Datang Glory Film Industry Investment Co., Ltd,  Huayi Bros. Media Group, HaiRun Film/TV Production Co., Ltd, Beijing Galloping Horse Media Co., ltd, Huace Film & TV, China Television Media Co., Ltd, Central Studio of News Reels Production ,and international/ regional exhibitors including American Venevision International, Televisa , Warner Bros, Mediacorp TV Singapore Pte Ltd

, Korean KBS, Japan NHK, Macao Radio & TV, Taiwan VAPAT were in attendance.


During the exhibition, ambassadors and counselors from several embassies in Beijing have enthusiastically discussed about the cooperation of cultural industry and the transaction of film and TV products, providing a larger platform for the development of cultural industry and the communication between China and other cultures.


         II.          It encourages the competition of excellent media enterprises and products, and accelerates the development of film/TV industry through discussions between the mainland and Taiwan.


The exhibition has set a united exhibition booth for the key state export enterprises of radio and television, aiming to publicize the achievements of Chinese film/TV programs exportation in recent years, build a platform for Chinese film and television enterprises, and expand the international popularity of our film & TV cultural products and service.


Meanwhile, the Corporation has also held a forum for playwrights and a symposium about constructing a platform for the collaboration on TV plays and films between the mainland and Taiwan, which has promoted the cultural exchange between both sides.


        III.          It manages to satisfy the exhibitors by improving humanized high-quality service.


The exhibition has published an electronic quarterly for itself, to regularly provide exhibitors with exhibition information, instantaneously updated news and kind tips. With illustrative and informative content, the quarterly has built a virtual communication platform for the exhibition and exhibitors, and provided them with more convenient and humanized service.


At the request of major exhibitors’ demand, the exhibition has added a guideboard in the west out of the square and twelve display boards around the fountain of the square to fully present their products. We’ve been well appreciated by the exhibitors by enlarging the area and enhancing the propaganda, as the attendance rate has reached 100%.


To express thanks for the exhibitors’ support, the 9th China International Film & TV Programs Exhibition has reached an agreement with Thunder Network who has set a special column Daily News thereafter, to provide instantaneously updated information for the exhibition, providing the exhibitors with humanized service throughout the exhibition.


        IV.          Traditional programs as well as new media pepping up the exhibition.


The exhibition has set a special booth for CCTV, making it possible for excellent documentaries, TV plays , animated cartoons and major national or international events and activities to be displayed jointly by China International TV CorporationCITVC/ China Radio, Film & Television Programs Exchanging Centre(CHNPEC), CTV Film & TV Co. ltd , and CTV International Media Co. ltd.


The exhibition has also attracted some new media portals, video websites and copyright integrators, such as,,, and whose attendance has pepped up exhibition.


         V.          The exhibition works to provide a quiet and comfortable environment all the way for the trading and business negotiation.


The 9th China International Film & TV Programs Exhibition has insisted on providing all the exhibitors and traders with a quiet and comfortable transaction environment where loudspeakers were forbidden and sound volume should be controlled below 70 decibel. As the first one in China to adopt the mode of “quasi-quiet transaction” since 2004, the exhibition has also set up a café lounge for VIPs in Room 10, providing a cozy, convenient and comfortable place for business negotiation.  


China International Film & TV Programs Exhibition will strive to offer exhibitors from home and abroad the best opportunity for business development and communication, with its professional influence, largest scale and abundant program resources.



Categories of programs on exhibition

Number of programs on exhibition

TV plays

Realistic theme

1617: 24474 episodes1053704 minutes , accounting for 19.1%

Revolutionary history theme

271: 5485 episodes241344 minutes, accounting for 3.2%

Classical history

398: 8916 episodes334061 minutes, accounting for 4.7%

Overseas TV plays

652: 42109 episodes1615307 minutes, accounting for 7.7%


Domestic films

263:  accounting for 3.1%

Overseas films

237:  accounting for 2.8%




3243: 582523 minutes, accounting for 38.3%


796: 388390 minutes, accounting for 9.4%

Animated cartoon


551: 52838 episodes1028116 minutes, accounting for 6.5%


440: 36406 episodes632049 minutes, accounting for 5.2%



Total number8468