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Sacrifice Activity for The Olympic Games

2010-05-24 16:53

On May 8, 2008, our company organized all the party members, party activists and komsomolets to the National Olympic Sports Center Stadium, and staged a Party and League Day activity themed on "I contribute to the Olympic Games".

After their visit to the Olympic Sports Center venues, all party members, party activists and the League members carried out grouping speech activity themed on the Olympic Games, followed by a cleaning of the venue seats, to experience the Olympic passion and actively contribute to the Olympic Games. Eyeing the clean and bright Olympic venues, all had a more intuitive and profound understanding of the Beijing Olympics concept "One World, One Dream" and expressed that they would learn the spirit of perseverance and self-challenge from the Olympic athletes, welcome the Olympics, advocate civilization, and foster new practices, so as to take the concepts of building a harmonious society and achieve harmonious development in their future work, study and life.