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Ancient-costume TV Series, The Queens, Makes a Hit in Korea

2010-04-15 12:30

A recent co-production of CITVC, The Queens, has been hailed by the audience after its debut on Korean Chinese TV, and it was immediately re-broadcasted on TVN. The ancient-costume TV series, solely issued by CITVC at overseas markets, ranked among the top hits in recent on-line survey on both domestic and foreign TV plays in Korea, along with many European and American productions. In addition, it was the best performance that Chinese TV programs have ever achieved in Korea.

Korean TV channels always like to broadcast historical ancient-costume Chinese TV series. The Queens takes source from the historical materials that reflect the struggles inside the royal palace of Han Dynasty, involving the love and struggle of three generations in the royal family. It is said that the series has a very compact yet meandering plot and is more fast-paced than ordinary Korean TV series, which apparently, has won the preference of the family-based Korean audience. Among the audience, most are females, which is the key factor that helps the series achieve an excellent audience rating.

CITVC has submitted the relevant materials of the series to the judging panel of the Seoul TV Awards, officially joining in this year’s race for awards.