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Central Studio of News Reels Production

Central Studio of News Reels Production is the main production base of Chinese news and documentary movies. Since its establishment in 1953, it has kept the historical records of the development of the People’s Republic of China. It has shot news documentaries covering extensive materials, including domestic and overseas material political incidents, socialist revolutions and economic constructions, and natural scenic spots, and local folk customs, etc.

After being merged into the CCTV in 1993, Central Studio of News Reels Production has shifted from the focus on the production of news documentaries to the production model of combing TV and movie and integrating production of TV programs, dubbed movies, and teleplays and movies, and thereby becoming “CCTV Newsreels Center”.

Cooperation works:

Documentaries: Hello Xiaoping, The Road to Civilization, Taoism in Wudang