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The 9th China International Film & TV Programs Exhibition was Solemnly Opened

2011-09-19 15:56


Beijing——On August 25, 2011, the 9th China International Film & TV Programs Exhibition was solemnly opened at Beijing Exhibition Centre. As an important part of China International Radio, Film & TV Expo, which was directed by the State Administration of Radio, Film (CITVC) and China Radio, Film & Television Programs Exchanging Centre(CHNPEC) .Cai Fuchao, chief of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT), Tian Jin and Zhang Pimin, deputy directors of SARFT, Jiao Li, director of CCTV, and other related leaders visited this exhibition.
The exhibition is the largest one in Asia with an exhibition area of nearly 22,000 square meters, and has attracted more than 1000 exhibitors of home and abroad, most of whom were from radio & TV groups, TV stations, production and distribution companies, movie companies, video companies and some financial institutions which plan to invest in media. Bring with them were some excellent TV plays, films, documentaries and animated cartoons.
During the exhibition, CHNPEC would convene an introduction meeting with the theme
“New Media, New Blue Sea---New Ideas on Media Brands Promotion and Risk Management”, giving an idea for the media industry of how to deal with programming risks.and Television(SARFT), the Exhibition was organized by China International TV Corporation
Media companies in attendance will organize different activities, aiming to promote friendship, expand communications, strengthen cooperation and seek common development, working to make the show a world-class film & TV programs exhibition.