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In Honor of the Party Flag—Following

2010-05-24 11:34


Between May 12 and 13, 2007, party members and selected party membership applicants, organized by the Party Committee of CHNPEC, went to Luoyang, Henan Province, to take part in the activity entitled “In Honor of the Party Flag—Following the Footsteps of the Iron Army”, a theme activity jointly held by CHNPEC and a local infantrydivision, which is recognized as one of the oldest divisions in the People’s Liberation Army. The soldiers are best-known for their “iron spirit”, i.e. iron belief, iron discipline, iron unity, iron determination and iron attitude, cultivated through countless battles and life-and-death situations during the past 80 years. During the two-day activity, the participants visited the Division Museum, the Museum of the Ye Ting Independent Regiment and an exhibition of the latest weapons of the armored force. They also held theme discussions with the soldiers and officers, and went into the dorms to get a real taste of the charm of Chinese army life today.

Guided by the “iron spirit” and the determination to conquer all challenges and adversities, people at the CHNPEC sailed through in marketing operations in both home and overseas markets, over-fulfilling all mid-year targets well ahead of schedule. In so doing, we successfully fulfilled responsibilities entrusted to us by the Central Party Committee and won honor for China’s broadcast industry as a whole. With our dedication and professional excellence, we are now ready for the upcoming 17th People’s Congress.