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Shanghai Fueryi TV & Movie Media Co., Ltd.


As an integrated cultural enterprise, Shanghai Fueryi TV & Movie Media Co., Ltd. gives priorities to V & Movie business, is engaged in diversified cultural exchange, and committed to transaction and distribution of international and domestic TV & Movie programs and AV copyrights, TV & Movie production, agency of overseas TV programs, movies, and animations, etc. in China region, and media and advertisement agency, etc.

The teleplays and movies successfully distributed by Shanghai Fueryi TV & Movie Media Co., Ltd. feature delicate and in-depth performance, devious and beautiful plot, and fine production. It is also engaged in domestic and overseas cooperation, investment, planning, shooting, production, promotion, distribution, and public performance of domestic and overseas teleplays, movies, animations, and stage plays, etc.

Cooperation works:

Teleplays: New Breath of Love,  Mission for Peace, King of Silk