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2007 Blue Action Comes to a Successful Completion

2010-05-24 11:27


In September, 2006, CHNPEC successfully organized an outward bound training course “2007 Blue Action”, in which our staff members spent four days in Yantai and Weihai, Shandong Province, training themselves on relevant professional issues. Based on the current business and organizational structures of the company, the course included three competitive trainings centered respectively on development strategy, marketing tactics and marketing techniques, with the aim of facilitating the fulfillment of the operating targets set for 2007. The theme of the course was defined as “innovative development, corporate discipline enforcement and team building”. In addition to laying a solid foundation for realizing our goals in 2006 and identifying targets for business operations in 2007, the success of the course benefited us in terms of offering a wealth of highly proactive and practical ideas for the long-term growth of the company. These competitive trainings gave the participants an opportunity to further develop their team spirit and the ability in “innovative” development, and their marketing tactics were tested out and therefore enhanced, all to the great benefit of our staff members.