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Shanghai Yang Peipei Movie & TV Base Co., Ltd.

Yang Peipei earned her name by such Kung Fu films as The Legendary Swordsman and Return Of The Condor Heroes, etc. She has had 20-year experience in teleplay production, and produced diversified materials of teleplays, including soul-stirring and splendid chronicle play, magic and gorgeous Kung Fu play, lively and realistic fashion play, and humanistic and romantic love play.

Return The Pearl To Thee, Spring Goes And Comes, and My Love for You Is True, the trilogy of “Beauty in a Troubled Time” re-shot by Yang Peipei Movie & TV Base together with our company demonstrate a varied, delicate, and touching love stories, and are very popular among numerous audiences, especially female audiences.

Cooperation works:

Teleplays: Torn Between Two Lovers, Back of Last Spring,  Entangling Love in Shanghai.