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“China Panorama” Documentary Selection Program Launched

2010-09-15 14:25

On the morning of August 27, the launching ceremony of “China Panorama” Documentary Selection Program was held in Beijing. The program was created jointly by China International Television Corporation, China Radio, Film and Television Programs Exchanging Center, and National Geographic Channel to select documentary film ideas and production proposals with Chinese characteristics. It targets all the companies or individuals that are interested in producing documentaries about China such as television stations, producing institutions, and independent producers and so on across China. The selection regulations are to be released at Suzhou Documentary Film Festival in September and the result will be announced within the year. The proposals which pass the preliminary and the intermediary selection will be fully or partially sponsored by the “China Panorama” Documentaries Fund established by the hosting organizations, and furthermore be guided by world-famous documentary experts. The produced documentaries based on those proposals will be broadcast in media affiliated to the hosting organizations. The program will not only create a larger international stage for Chinese documentaries, but also contribute to cultivating documentaries talents in China by endowing them with professionalism and international vision. Meanwhile, it is a beneficial “Going Global” practice for Chinese documentaries, as well as a model and innovation of the business model for international cooperative.