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Outstanding Market Results Achieved in China International Film & TV Programs Ex

2010-09-15 14:22

After the opening of the 8th China International Film & TV Programs Exhibition, China Radio, Film & Television Programs Exchange Center and the sales department from China International Television Corporation made a good beginning, while ensuring that the Exposition was going smoothly. 

In terms of domestic marketing, we extensively communicated with local television stations, film and television programs producers and international program providers, putting the marketing emphasis on television dramas King of Silk and Sanctuary, documentaries the Great Three Gorges, Discovering The Cretaceous Period and The West Lake, Columns Exploration and Discovery and Character, etc.. When it comes to international marketing, we received over 40 customers from America, the Britain, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan, giving priority to those programs such as Biography of Sun Tzu, The Peony Pavilion, Painted Skin, Cell Phone, Sister Jiang, Informant, The romance of Three Kingdoms (cartoon), etc..

In addition, we widely selected domestic and international programs information in the exhibition, observing the latest market development trends, accumulating marketing resources and grasping opportunities.